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KAWOMERA: Plant, Pray, Partner for Peace


In the remote town of Mbale, Uganda is a unique, interfaith community of coffee farmers who are Ugandan Jews, Muslims and Christians. They came together to export coffee for peace and religious harmony in an area containing the highest concentration of Jews and Muslims in Central Africa.

In Bugandan, they are called “Peace Kawomera,” (Delicious Peace).

PEACE CARAVAN: Journey along the Silk Road: Xinjiang Province, China:


This documentary that follows photographer and film-maker Marla Mossman on her solo journey along the Silk Road in China's Western Province, bordering Pakistan. Its a remote region, where the Kunlum, Pamir and Tan Shien Mountains form the Taklamakan Desert. Its a sacred and historic region where the earth's lowest depressions and some of the highest Mountains coexist. 

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