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Peace Caravan

Journey along the Silk Road: Xinjiang Province, China 


PEACE CARAVAN: Journey along the Silk Road: Xinjiang Province, China follows photographer and film-maker Marla Mossman on her solo journey along the Silk Road and other ancient trade routes. This film was shot in China's Western Province, bordering Pakistan. Its a remote region, where the Kunlum, Pamir and Tan Shien Mountains form the Taklamakan Desert. Its a sacred and historic region where the earth's lowest depressions and some of the highest Mountains coexist. 
This is the land of the Uyghurs, who are an indigenous Islamic people, whose way of life has not changed for two centuries. This documentary; Photographed, Produced, and Directed by Mossman - tells the story of exploring these oasis villages, once the epicenter of silk fabrication and jade mining that financed the entire trade route to the Mediterranean 
The viewer witnesses Chinese Muslim traditions; noodle making, a Uyghur wedding, the largest mosque in China, and the largest animal markets of Central Asia.
These are only a few of the many Uyghur traditions featured in this documentary that reveal to the viewer a cultural heritage that is soon to disappear.
In 2009, the Chinese Government initiated a campaign of Uyghur destruction, bulldozing the Old City of Kashgar, threatening their traditional way of life.

The Peace Caravan Project aims, through images, films and stories to act as a cultural ambassador for communities whose voices and accounts remain unheard. As an artist and educator, Mossman is interested in connecting with these people to communicate cultural acceptance, respect and understanding and to end the fear of those that are different from ourselves so a new way to Peace is revealed.


Film & Photography by Marla Mossman


Edited by Tammy Han


Music by:


Stephen Digges






Sanubar Turson


Tours Coordinated by Uyghur Tour & Travel Service


Co Producer and second camera by Ali Hudabardy Tash


Narration by Marla Mossman  & Stephen Digges


Translation by Allahbardi Tash


Special thanks to The New York Foundation For The Arts ( NYFA )

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