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Paper Bead Making

Women make elaborate paper jewelry at the New Hope for All Ministries Baptist Church in MBale, Uganda. By rolling the colorful paper strips into tiny beads, the women transform them into beautiful necklaces and bracelets that are sold at the local markets. 50% of the proceeds go back to the women and the remaining funds go to help with the Ministries' educational programs for the children, many whom have been left orphaned by the Aids Epidemic. 

I wanted to share this photo from The Peace Caravan Project's documentary KAWOMERA: Plant, Pray, Partner for Peace about a group of Islamic, Jewish and Christian Coffee farmers who came together for Peace.  Pastor Chris contacted me during the production and I was immediately inspired by his passion and dedication to the women and children. And of course seeing the extraordinary beads lured me to the Church to learn more.  Thank You to Pastor Chris and the NEW-HOPE-FOR-ALL-MINISTRIES for your participation in the film and for your tireless efforts helping to feed and educate the children of Mbale. Uganda.

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