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KAWOMERA: Plant, Pray, Partner for Peace

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Produced and Directed by Photographer and Film Maker, Marla Mossman

In the remote town of Mbale, Uganda, situated on the border of Kenya, is a unique, religious, interfaith community of coffee farmers who are Ugandan Jews, Muslims and Christians that have come together to sell and export coffee beans in the name of peace and religious harmony. 

In Buganda, they call themselves Peace Kawomera or Delicious Peace. 

KAWOMERA: Plant, Pray, Partner for Peace is a documentary Produced and Directed by Photographer and Film Maker, Marla Mossman which tells the story of a community who believes that working together as a collective to express religious unity could set an example for the rest of the world. 

In this documentary, Mossman travels to the local villages that lie amongst the foothills of Mt. Elgon, to meet the Peace Kawomera founders, hear the musicians of the Peace Kawomera Farmer’s Band perform on the coffee plantation, visit with the Rabbis, Priests, and Imams to observe their religious practices.

Mossman continues her Peace Caravan Project highlighting these people of different faiths coexisting – harmoniously in an area, which has the highest concentration of Jews and Muslims living together in Central Africa. 

The Peace Caravan Project aims, through images, films and stories to act as a cultural ambassador for communities whose voices and accounts remain unheard. 

As an artist and educator, Mossman is interested in connecting with people to communicate cultural acceptance, respect and understanding. To end the fear of those that are different from ourselves, so that a new way to Peace is revealed.

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