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KAWOMERA: Plant Pray Partner for Peace selected to screen at The Global Peace Film Festival

The Global Peace Film Festival is premised on a broad definition of peace based on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s statement: “Peace is not only the absence of conflict, but also the presence of justice.” The festival uses film to draw together people from all walks of life to be inspired by compelling storytelling and for them then to engage actively within their own lives and communities to make the world a better place than they found it. Action, engagement and participation are our bywords; and we seek films that make us laugh, think, cry, sit taller in our seats and ask what can I do? We are seeking films that either have companion impact and outreach campaigns or ones for which GPFF can build resources and activities from our community partners locally and from around the world. We do not view the festival as a passive exhibition event, but a commitment to building relationships and resources aimed at increasing the presence of justice all year round.

ABOUT The Global Peace Film Festival 

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