Interview with Marla Mossman: One Person Making a Difference for Peace

In a series of interviews The Diplomatic Society Global Editor Srimal Fernando began interviewing notable personalities who sought to promote peace in the world. For this month’s edition we introduce you to Marla Mossman, a Peace builder based in the United States.

On many levels Mossman plays an important role in the globally respected Peace Alliance Leadership Council. In January 2017 she took up her current appointment as Fostering International Peace Lead on the Peace Alliance Leadership Council.  UN Representative on behalf of the International Center for Ethno - Religious Mediation (ICERM) was a milestone in her career path firmly focused on being a Peace builder.  Prior to her current appointment Mossman travelled along the ancient trade routes around the Silk Road nations. Sharing her photographs and stories from her Journeys along the Silk Road nations Marla embarked on a project entitled Peace Caravans Project. Apart from this Marla has been lobbying with New York member of Congress who signed into Bill HR111 to establish a Department of Peace. Marla shares her experiences and unique insights in an exclusive interview with The Diplomatic Society. 

Srimal Fernando (SF): Ms Marla Mossman, kindly explain to us what inspired you to enter the Peace Alliance? What work does the Peace Alliance carry out?

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