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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Thank you all who took the time to come out last night. I am especially grateful to Alexandria Abenshon, Emily Valentine and the New York Public Library for hosting the event. I was honored to present my film in this historic building which has continued as a library since 1905. Stunning staircase too!

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Thursday, December 6, 2018, 5:30 p.m.


Webster Library, Auditorium

1465 York Avenue

New York, NY, 10021

(212) 288-5049

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Oct 6th, 2018: It was such a great Opening Night at Gallery RIVAA. Thanks to everyone who made the Capture Your Freedom Show possible. A special thanks to all the esteemed jurors who selected my work and to the super cool Howard Axe and Madeline Grimes at the FDR Four Freedoms Park and all the members at Gallery RIVAA.

Show continues to November 11

Gallery RIVAA

527 Main St

New York, New York

(212) 308-6630

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