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I travel alone challenging notions of fear, equality, and advocate for religious freedom in this divisive global climate. My photography and documentary films seek to promote cultural inclusion by searching for commonalities between different cultures.

Marla Mossman, Founder/Artistic Director 

Peace Caravan Map

Photographer and artist, Marla Mossman, and the Peace Caravan Project are traveling from Jerusalem, Israel to X’ian, China by car, foot, horse, mule and camel to document places of historical and religious significance.


In the quest to explore the Silk Road's heritage and its spirituality and the connection to Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam, Mossman has already taken eight expeditions to photograph China, Egypt, India, Turkey, Afghanistan and the Middle Eastern countries of Syria, Jordan, Israel and most recently Uganda.

The mission of Marla Mossman and the Peace Caravan Project is to promote cultural exchanges in an increasingly divisive global climate. Through storytelling and photography, the Peace Caravan seeks to deepen an understanding of other cultures and to celebrate our common humanity. 

The New York Foundation for the Arts is the Fiscal Sponsor of the Peace Caravan Project.

All donations are taxto the full extent of the law.

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