Shepherdess with her flock Pamir Mountains, Tashkargan, China

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Marla Mossman greeted by the Children of Jark Village Central Afghanistan  

Marla Mossman
Founder / Executive Director

Avidly interested in promoting arts and education, Marla began the Peace Caravan Project in 1996. She co-established other non-profit art organizations—MMARTS in London and Art Soup in Santa Barbara, California—both of which developed permanent exhibition spaces for local artists. She is the co-founder of ImagineAsia, a non- profit organization whose mission is to provide education and healthcare to rural Asian communities.

Marla has been to the Silk Road region six times, most recently returning to China where she departed from Kashgar traveling the Northern and Southern protions of the Silk Road that circle the Taklamakan Desert. 

In 2008 Marla traveled to the Middle East where she departed from Istanbul, Turkey traveled overland through Syria and Jordan to Jerusalem, Israel documenting the Mediterranean terminus of the ancient trade route and desert origins of the three great religions. In 2005 she traveled to Afghanistan working with the Ministers from the Department of Transportation and the Department of Education in Kabul and Bamiyan Province. She was the first foreigner and woman to visit Waras, a remote part of Central Afghanistan, on horseback, with donkey and mules.

On an earlier trip to Northern India, Marla hiked and backpacked to an altitude of 18,000 ft in the Himalayas to obtain her photographs. She has traveled extensively in Europe, UK, Peru, Turkey, Thailand, Nepal and Indonesia, and has backpacked the Himalayas, the Inca Trail and the High Sierras.
Marla is an international photographer, artist and poet who has traveled extensively documenting the human condition for over 20 years. Born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised and educated in Canada, she currently resides in New York.

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Treasures of Discovery and Peace along the Silk Road by Robert M. Weir.
First published as a Profile of Peace for
Peace Partnership International.
Marla counters fear by reflecting peace and confidence in her inner self. “In the freefall of being alone in unfamiliar places and having difficulty with communications, my peace comes from being in the moment and trusting the basic goodness of people. When I walk the world, the freefall coalesces into the serendipitous. Grace coalesces. And, to me, every person I encounter is one hundred percent good.”
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